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  • How Do We Help You To Save Money?

    Unlike many providers, we are not tied to one single  funeral plan company.  We make our recommendation only after one of our trained and experienced advisers has done a thorough assessment of your pre paid funeral needs, wishes and of course budget.  

    We feel strongly that your Plan should be tailor made for you.  Our funeral plans range in price from £1,695.00 to £4,200.00.   As you can see there is a huge difference in price and service dependent upon the various funeral plans available.

    You obviously expect your funeral and financial arrangements to be kept private and therefore we treat everything you tell us regarding your funeral plans with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

    Some of our clients have recommended our funeral plan services - we like this so much we think it's only fair that we reward clients who recommend us! So, If you have any friends or family that you feel would benefit from a pre paid funeral plan and they make their funeral plan arrangements with us, we will REWARD YOU with a lovely £50 gift voucher from Marks and Spencer as soon as their plan is confirmed.  Don`t forget to tell them you recommended us for their funeral plan

    Don't forget, we only make a recommendation for a funeral plan after one of our advisers has completed a thorough assessment of the requirements  and discussed the needs, wishes and budget. 

  • "Peace of mind will not feed you, it will not make you rich and it will not make you popular, yet peace of mind is sought by all who are with thought"

    Remember, we do not represent any one funeral plan provider; we are completely independent in our recommendations and we are paid by the funeral plan providers for our time and expertise, not by you!

    If you contact us using one of the forms on this website, we will organise for one of our friendly advisers to call and talk you through the various options and details of funeral plans available for you.  We will then send you a detailed recommendation  for you to consider. 

    Don't delay - the cost of funerals is rising every day and the money you save by investing in a prepaid funeral plan will not only help with the cost but is money that your family will have instead of having to spend it on funeral bills!  Also don`t forget arranging a funeral is in itself a huge burden on loved ones, a burden which is lifted instantly by having a pre paid funeral plan in place.  It`s all done for them just how you would want your  ceremony to be, with the added advantage of them not having to worry about  funeral costs. 

    You would be suprised how many families fall out over arranging a loved one's funeral.  Don't let your funeral become a cause for family dispute, by securing the best price, long before the event.

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If you live in Sussex, Kent or Surrey and would like to get a prepaid funeral plan in place, fixing the costs at today's prices, prepare in advance by booking a prepaid funeral plan to ensure your wishes are carried out in regards to your funeral in Sussex, Kent and Surrey and relieve your family of this burden at a great time of stress and grief. To discuss your prepaid funeral plan in Sussex, Kent or Surrey, meet Jason Coleman for a thorough and discreet assessment of your needs.

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